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  level 1 Inspection,service report and trip fee $79.00"NO HIDDEN FEES" 

Level 1 Inspection:

All of my chimney sweep services and dryer vent services will receive a copy of a satisfactory or unsatisfactory report for your records.  This report will note all hazards or repairs needed. A 15 point inspection covering Interior and exterior conditions. All types of fireplace prefab, brick or wood stoves. I will insure you and your family are safe. I take additional time to go over very helpful tips on using your fireplace safely for those customers who've never used a gas or wood burning fireplace. I will give you all the information you will need to use your fireplace safely. You have questions? I have the answer!

Chimney/Fireplace Condition Report

Chimney and Fireplace Condition Report

Dryer Vent Service Report

Dryer Vent Service Report
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