Fireplace Cleaning


Chimney Sweeping


    Combine a Chimney Sweep and Dryer Vent Service & Save !!                                                          

Fireplace Cleaning:  I start off with preparation. I lay down canvas tarps where I walk into your home and all around the front of your fireplace.My tools & brushes and a high powered vacuum are positioned on top of canvas tarps and not your flooring. I use a heavy mil plastic and cover the opening of the fireplace, insuring no mess. As I brush the surface clean,  the vacuum helps collect the dust cloud. The complete entire fireplace walls are brushed and vacuumed clean. I will inspect the fireplace entirely, and NO MESS IN YOUR HOME!

Chimney Sweeping:  There are a variety of brushes for prefab fireplaces, as well as masonry fireplaces. I have a variety of brushes, poles and equipment to insure I get the job done right the first time.  I can sweep your chimney from bottom up or top down - I make that call on site. Sweeping the chimney is done with poles and a brush. The brush must be larger than the chimney opening, insuring the proper agitation on the surface of the chimney.  I make 2-3 passes up and down the chimney flue until the surface is clean.  Then I will brush the chimney cap clean.  This is the hood on the very tip top of your chimney.  Sweeping your fireplace and chimney will increase smoke draw, help remove odors and most important, prevent a chimney fire.  A complete service is recommended once a year,or after one cord of firewood.

Chimney Termination Cap Cleaning:  Every chimney must have a spark arrestor cap. This is the piece of metal on the very tip top of your chimney. A chimney cap knocks down embers during wood fires and also prevents water damage to your chimney, as well as bird proofing and keeping out unwanted critters. I brush the soot or carbon deposits and inspect entirely.

The National Fire Protection Association Standard States that a fireplace and Chimney should be Inspected once a Year!